Gout Hater's Cookbook
Gout Hater's Cookbook Collection
by Jodi Schneiter

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Don't Just Fight the Symptoms-
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Your diet can account for 1/3 of the uric acid
produced in your body.

Treatments for gout can include symptom-relieving medicines such as anti-inflammatories, preventive medicines such as allopurinol, elimination of alcohol and a diet of foods lower in purines. Gout is said to be the only rheumatic disease known to be directly affected by diet.

Changing your diet to foods with fewer purines can help relieve the symptoms as well as address the actual problem of hyperurecemia (elevated levels of uric acid in the blood).

With delicious recipes that are lower in purines, the Gout Hater's Cookbook Collection can help you lower uric acid levels, as well as offer dishes that will delight the entire family!

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